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  • Eintrag vom 18.10.2020 13:15
    Scientists from the University of Wisconsin have determined that online Dating is very rarely complete without lying about parameters such as weight, height or age. This is the sin of 81% of those who visit Dating sites – free and paid. At the same time, age becomes the subject of deception less often, and then – basically, users make themselves younger in their personal data by only a year or a couple of years. In General, men are more likely to throw on extra centimeters of growth, and women are more likely to "throw off" extra pounds.
    The previous fact concerning the untruthful female weight may be a consequence of the fact that according to statistics, the vast majority of men experience the greatest fear just before meeting an obese woman.
    Women on the Internet are most afraid of meeting a man who turns out to be a serial killer.
    Quite a shocking fact for many: every tenth user on such sites is a fraudster with a fake profile. As you can see, the chance of running into cheaters is still quite high.
  • Kommentar vom 19.10.2020 15:41
    Dating site
    These services are, of course, the most popular for Dating and communication on the Internet. Their peculiarity is that the profile is compiled according to a pre-thought-out convenient template (in special columns you place information about the purpose of Dating, your character and Hobbies, expectations from Dating, etc.).
    Among the advantages of portals: the ability to raise the profile to the top, a huge selection of options, a filter system, auto-selection of a partner based on a well-thought-out compatibility algorithm. But there are also disadvantages: the number of profiles is too large, a lot of spam and advertising accounts, registration on some Dating sites is paid.
  • Kommentar vom 19.10.2020 20:08
    Ich kenne diese Seite, sie ist wirklich gut. Es gibt viele verschiedene Daten, die Sie organisieren können, und das Alter ist kein Hindernis. Ich mag es, dass die Site ihre Kunden psychologisch anpasst und ihre Daten anonym und sicher hält. Nun, die Betrüger an solchen Orten müssen in der Lage sein zu rechnen und dürfen sich nicht beeilen, sich zu treffen.
  • Kommentar vom 11.08.2021 11:59
    Dating-Websites können gut oder schlecht sein, je nachdem, wonach man sucht. Es gibt Menschen, die nach einer ernsthaften Beziehung suchen, und solche, die einfach nur Spaß haben wollen. Unabhängig davon, aus welchem Grund Sie sich anmelden, machen es Dating-Websites einfach, viele potenzielle Partner zu finden.
  • Kommentar vom 28.08.2021 13:16
    One close friend of mine wanted to try a relationship with a mature woman, because they are already quite experienced, plus they have money and good prospects for development. Therefore, he began to communicate on the site , as it turned out, many women are looking for young guys for themselves. Now he even has a choice with whom to be.
  • Kommentar vom 27.04.2022 09:38
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  • Kommentar vom 13.06.2022 04:59
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  • Kommentar vom 11.07.2022 10:11
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